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It is no secret. Denmark is a great place to be a kid. And it is a great place to be a parent.

Denmark consistently ranks near the top of the list when it comes to great places to raise a family. But for those of us who did not grow up here, there are many surprises and unexpected frustrations that can arise when navigating Danish cultural norms.

New Kids in Denmark makes life easier for international families by providing a cultural guide for raising children in Denmark. 

Expert insight and advice for parents


Learn about different aspects of childcare in Denmark. Courses are held online, as well as in various locations in and around Copenhagen.


Book a 1-to-1 appointment and get help with your specific needs. Ask questions or get practical assistance with daycare matters.

Private courses

Choose a time and location and I can come to you. A great option for a group of parents who want to learn about Danish childcare together.


Find lots of free articles, tips, check-lists, and other useful links and materials posted in the resources library.

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About Me

My name is Chava Sanderson. I moved to Denmark with my Danish husband in 2008, and my parenting journey started about 10 years ago. Not only did I suddenly need to figure out how to take care of our new little family member, I also quickly realized that I knew nothing about raising a child in Denmark. Over the past 10 years, I have learned a lot about giving birth in Denmark, maternity leave, the Danish childcare system, and the Danish school system. I started New Kids in Denmark to provide the help to international families that I wish I had access to when I started my own journey in Denmark.

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