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Intro to Danish Childcare

Get an overview of the types of childcare available in Denmark, what children learn in daycare, how to sign up, and a bit about daily life in daycare. 

Duration: 2 hours

All About Nursery

A course that focuses on nursery and home daycare. Learn the difference between the two types of childcare, how children spend their days, what they learn, expectations for parents, and much more.

Duration: 2 hours 

All About Kindergarten

A course that focuses on Danish kindergarten. Find out what children learn, how they spend their days, the different types of kindergartens, expectations for parents, and much more.

Duration: 2 hours

How to find and sign up for daycare

This course focuses on how to find a daycare that fits your needs. Learn about the different childcare options available, what to focus on during daycare tours, how and when to register, and much more.

Duration: 2 hours


School in Denmark - Grades 0-5

An overview of the Danish school system, with a focus on the first 6 years of school.  


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