3 most popular types of outerwear for babies

by Chava Sanderson

Outerwear is an essential part of a baby's wardrobe, especially when you live in Denmark. Learn about 3 of the most popular types of outwear for babies and toddlers.

Danish kids spend a lot of time outdoors, so outerwear is an important part of their wardrobe. Although some wear jackets, the majority of babies and toddlers usually wear different types of one-piece suits to keep them warm and dry throughout the day.  


A køredragt is a wool or fleece suit, which sometimes has a built-in hat, mittens, and footies. This type of suit is most commonly used by newborns and babies under a year old, although toddlers may wear one to sleep in while napping outdoors. Babies often wear a køredragt when riding or sleeping outdoors in their pram, or while riding in a car seat.    


A flyverdragt is a snow suit that is worn by children during the coldest months of the year. There are various levels of quality when it comes to snowsuits. High-quality suits are well-insolated, durable, breathable, and water-proof, allowing for hours of play in cold and wet weather. To read more about what to look for in a snow suit, click here

NOTE: Although snow suits are great for keeping children warm outdoors, experts warn against wearing thick outerwear while strapped into a car seat.   


A termodragt is a thin, insulated suit that is wind- and water-resistant. These suits are worn in cool weather, usually in the spring and fall when temperatures become too warm for snow suits. In addition to keeping children warm and dry, termogdragter are also a great way to protect children’s clothes from getting snagged or torn on the playground or out in nature. Although it is common for babies to use a one-piece suit, toddlers often use a two-piece suit called termotøj. The two-piece suit is made out of the same materials as a termodragt, but includes a jacket (termojakke) and pants (termobukser). 

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